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As a licensed and insured residential roofing company, ReNu Roofing makes it a priority to have a large selection of solutions, products, and services. We’ve seen numerous residential roofing situations and we offer these various services to accommodate any roof that comes our way! Here are a few of the services we prioritize and how we can help!

Not every roofer is qualified in roofing. Always higher a professional roofing company to get the best results on your investment.


Bring life back into your residential roof

Your residential roof is a valuable asset and form of security for your home and the loved ones, valuables, and memories you hold within it. We recognize this and go above and beyond to offer custom roofing solutions for your unique situation. No roofing difficulties are too big for the staff at ReNu Roofing. Whether it’s a leak, shingle, or storm damage, we’ve got your back through it all.

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Keep your home secure inside and out

Homeowners tend to forget the damage that can add up on your home’s siding. The team at ReNu Roofing did not forget and we’re here to help! We will use only the highest-grade materials and products to breathe life back into your siding. No matter if it’s shingles, wood or vinyl siding, our roofing company has the experience, skills, and training to keep your home’s siding protected year-round.

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Our roofing company and its professionals are trained in more than just roofs, but with siding, gutters, and much more.
Make sure your roofing company knows the importance of seamless gutters on your home and proper way to install them.


A roofing company knows proper drainage equals proper care

Your gutters are a crucial feature for your home and yet they are so often forgotten! By maintaining your gutters, you can also prevent other damage from spreading to other areas of your roof and home. If neglected, water and debris can clog in your gutters and cause costly damage to the exterior (and possibly your interior) of your home. The staff at ReNu Roofing is trained and ready to help repair any issues your gutters may be experiencing. We want to save you money and proper gutter maintenance and repairs is the way to go!

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More Services…

As an experienced roofing company, we've seen it all. Mold in your attic forms from an unexperienced roofing company, not only are we experienced in installing a new roof but also remediating your attic mold.


Don’t let your interior become ruined!

Mold is a common issue experienced in many homes especially if they’ve encountered leaks before. The usual area for mold to appear after your roof has suffered from a leak is in the attic. However, the issue with mold is that if it’s neglected, it can affect and damage many other areas of your home. As an experienced roofing company, we’ve handled many mold incidents and we’re trained and ready to assist your home in any way possible. The quicker we take care of your mold, the more money you’ll save in prevented expenses!

Foundation Repair

It’s what keeps your home standing

Your home’s foundation is the literal core of your home. If your home’s foundation has received any form of damage, it can greatly affect the structure and dependability of your housing structure. No matter what happens to your home, the team at ReNu Roofing is ready to aid you in getting your home fixed up. Your foundation is on par in levels of importance with your roof and we will treat it as such

Foundation repair with steel beams.


From repairing front porches to rebuilding chimneys!

If your home’s structure is composed of brick and mortar, you may be very familiar with the kind of damage this material undergoes. Nature can be brutal and cause deterioration on your masonry, which can devalue your home’s worth and aesthetic. Let the team at ReNu Roofing take care of this for you! We’ll get your masonry to look brand new!

As an experienced roofing company, we've seen it all including ebuilding chimneys.


Keep your home performing well and look good as well

When damage occurs on your home’s exterior, repairs sometimes may not cut it. While the issue may be fixed, your home still may not look it. The team over at ReNu Painting can give your home the touch-up it needs at an affordable price. Whether its exterior or interior, they’ve got the skills and experience to keep your home looking aesthetic as usual.


When we work with our customers, it is our top priority to keep everything about their project transparent and honest. The staff at ReNu Roofing is trained and more than happy to discuss with you any issues or concerns you may have with anything. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to roofing and we make sure to go out of our way to make sure you’re completely satisfied.


The professional team at ReNu Roofing is only a phone call away. Call us today at (844) 876-7368 or shoot us a message below and we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your home at a time convenient for you! We’ll have one of our specialists visit your home and perform a professional evaluation. Afterwards, we’ll present you with an estimate that outlines the solutions we recommend to get your home back on track.

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