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While the care of your residential roof is extremely important, the siding of your home is almost just as important. Siding is a valuable asset as it provides protection along the perimeter of your home from the elements of nature. Just like your residential roof, it provides security for you, your loved ones, and the valuables inside the home. The assurance that all of that will be safe is priceless and with a right vinyl siding installation company like ReNu Roofing, we’ll guarantee it’ll be done right! 

Common Siding Issues 

Like roofing, your home’s siding will eventually run into issues throughout its lifespan. However, your siding’s condition impacts your home in a slightly different way. Your siding is the face of your home and if your siding is becoming rundown, it can affect your home’s value. We’ve compiled a list of the most common siding issues so our customers can keep an eye out for their siding:

  • Warping/Buckling – If your siding is wood, you should always check to make sure they are properly adhered to your home’s outer perimeter. Vinyl is different but the siding should be hung by a fastener in order to allow a bit of movement and so it can adjust with the fluctuating temperatures.
  • Fading – This is caused by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. While it may be a cosmetic issue short term, it can cause a great amount of damage to your siding in the long run. It is best to have it addressed ASAP.
  • Cracking – This is the result of neglecting to get fading on your siding repaired. Cracking can create a gateway for moisture into your home, which can lead to penetration into your home’s structure.

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Have a Professional Vinyl Siding Installation Company Work On Your Home

If you are located in the Detroit Metro or Toledo Metro area, do not hesitate to contact ReNu Roofing today. We will have one of our qualified technicians visit your home and provide you with a professional inspection and estimate of your siding situation. After the inspection is over, we will present you with a selection of siding options we believe are the most viable for your unique siding situation.

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A professional vinyl siding installation company installing vinyl siding on a customer's home.
A professional vinyl siding installation company installing vinyl siding on a customer's garage.

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With this all in mind, do not hesitate to contact us if your home’s siding has experienced any of the above or anything similar. We strive to go beyond our customers’ expectations at ReNu Roofing and we will do our best to make sure you receive quality customer service with premium products.

Call us today at (844) 876-7368. One of our representatives will schedule a time to have one of our staff members visit your home and provide you with an estimate. We look forward to potentially servicing you!

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With ReNu Roofing, we provide siding services at a price that is affordable for everyone! We train our staff to be able to properly install and repair residential siding with only the best materials available. We’re a licensed and insured residential siding and roofing company and we fight to deliver only quality results with all of our customers. Not to mention, we’ll provide your siding with an aesthetic that will turn heads on the block!


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